Malta's centrally located position in the Mediterranean makes it the ideal hub for bunkering. Being positioned so centrally, makes your stop at Malta convenient since no deviations like as per other ports are needed. Malta's position lies at the heart of the Mediterranean's busiest shipping routes from Italy and the Balkans to North Africa, and Gibraltar to Suez and vice versa. Moreover, its four bunker areas protect bunkering from adverse weather conditions during almost all of the winter periods thus making a bunker's only call to Malta practical, and time and cost effective.

Bunkers of the mediterranean

More importantly, stopping at Malta will ease your concerns of meeting congestion. All of these benefits are coupled with the fact that Malta's bunker prices are the cheapest in the Mediterranean.

PSS Agencies Ltd can be your bunker partner in Malta and will ensure that you will enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this section. We can provide you with daily indications on how bunker prices are faring and can advise you when is the best time to order your bunkers to keep losses minimal as possible. All of this comes with gas oil and fuel oil strictly confining to iso 2010 specs ensuring the highest quality possible delivered.

PSS Agencies Ltd, keeping calling costs to Malta fixed, can assist you in supplying your lubricants in bulk and drums.

Should you need more assistance, feel free to ask for our help. We are available 24/7, and would appreciate if you give us an opportunity to coordinate your next bunker call at Malta.